The ̶ ̶F̶i̶v̶e̶ ̶ S̶i̶x̶ ̶ Seven Stages of the Donald Trump Experience for the Republican Establishment

Denial — The first reaction is denial. In this stage the establishment believes there is no way Trump will ever be anything but a “blurb” in the voting process. They see his candidacy as a joke and they view Trump as not being serious.

Anger — When the establishment recognizes that denial cannot continue they becomes frustrated. They think, “How can this happen to us?” “Why would anyone follow this guy?” “Who in our party is to blame for this happening and allowing this to go too far?”

Bargaining — The third stage involves the establishment hoping that they can negotiate with Trump and seek to compromise with him.

Depression — “I’m so sad, why bother with anything?” “What’s the point?” “At least maybe we can rescue the rest of the ‘ballot’ so we don’t lose the Congress.”

Acceptance — “Okay, Trump will be the nominee.” “Maybe he won’t be as bad as we thought.” “Maybe he’ll surround himself with people who know what they’re doing in the general election and, if and when he becomes president, he will set his arrogance aside and work with us.” “Nothing is impossible.”

Na – “Forget This Guy” “He is as bad as we thought”.  “Apparently he won’t surround himself with people who know they’re doing or, if he does, he won’t take heed to what they’re saying because of his narcissism and arrogance”.   “This guy’s impossible.”

Epiphany – “He was as bad as we thought he’d be”. “Except for a few generals, he didn’t surround himself with people who knew what they were doing and he apparently didn’t take heed to what the generals were saying to him because of his narcissism and arrogance”. “Yeah, we fucked up”.


Values Clarification and the Trump Supporters

There now seems to be a mantra building for Trump supporters and that’s “So, would you rather of had Hillary (HRC)?” They’re slowly coming to the conclusion that he’s not a good “role model” and that sure, he probably has done some things on the shady side and is probably a president who is a bit incompetent but, hec, at least HRC isn’t in office and we have Neil Gorsuch.

In my high school Sociology class I was introduced to the teaching concept of “values clarification” although they didn’t use that term. Later on, in my college days and afterwards, I read a lot about the concept and how it had “crept into” the public schools. What it does is provide the person (student) an idea of what they value the most to what they value the least. A good example is the 15 people in the lifeboat story where you have to pick which 9 people will be kept in the lifeboat (along with yourself) since the boat can only hold 10 people.

That’s just one example. There are many other types of exercises.

It is evident that there is an ever growing number of Trump supporters who are now literally “advertising” their set of values. What is coming across is that, to them, the “rule of law” is not a value that they cherish at the highest level and that, to them, “the ends justifies the means” and they have a set of ethics that is governed by situations. Yes, as long as HRC is not in office then Trump’s dangerous incompetence, shady dealings, possible obstruction of justice, etc… is all worth it.

You still however do have the majority of Trump supporters who seem to “have their heads in the sand” and say they believe that nothing has ever been shown that Trump has ever really done anything wrong or that he’s even incompetent. To them it’s just the media and that special someone who they believe is “burrowed” in the intelligence community who is out to hurt President Trump. These people are those who don’t want to admit, even to themselves, their “lack of consistency” in their values. I put “lack of consistency” in quotes because they do have a set of values. They just don’t want to admit what that set really is.

A Tale of Two Characters

Dana Perino writing about George Bush 43

“One mom and dad of a dying soldier from the Caribbean were devastated, the mom beside herself with grief. She yelled at the president, wanting to know why it was her child and not his who lay in that hospital bed.

Her husband tried to calm her and I noticed the president wasn’t in a hurry to leave—he tried offering comfort but then just stood and took it, like he expected and needed to hear the anguish, to try to soak up some of her suffering if he could.

Later as we rode back on Marine One to the White House, no one spoke.

But as the helicopter took off, the president looked at me and said, “That mama sure was mad at me.” Then he turned to look out the window of the helicopter. “And I don’t blame her a bit.”

One tear slipped out the side of his eye and down his face. He didn’t wipe it away, and we flew back to the White House.”


From the BBC

“Republican presidential hopeful Donald Trump has attracted outrage by mocking a dead US Muslim soldier’s mother.

Ghazala Khan stood silently next to her husband as he attacked Mr. Trump in an emotional speech to the Democratic National Convention on Thursday.

Mr. Trump suggested she may not have been allowed to speak.

Republicans and Democrats said the Republican candidate’s comments were no way to talk of a hero’s mother. Mrs. Khan said she was upset by his remarks.

Last week her husband Khizr Khan told Democrats Mr. Trump had sacrificed “nothing and no-one” for his country.

At the convention in Philadelphia, he said his son would not even have been in America if it had been up to Mr. Trump, who has called for a ban on Muslims entering the US.

Humayun Khan was killed by a car bomb in 2004 in Iraq at the age of 27.

Mr. Trump responded to the criticism in an interview with ABC’s This Week.

“If you look at his wife, she was standing there,” he said, “She had nothing to say… Maybe she wasn’t allowed to have anything to say. You tell me.”

In an interview for ABC on Saturday, Ghazala Khan said: “When I was standing there, all of America felt my pain, without a single word. I don’t know how he missed that.”

“Please Mr. Trump, feel that pain and you will be better.

“I was upset when I heard that. I didn’t say anything because I was in pain.”

Khizr Khan said that Mr. Trump was “devoid of feeling the pain of a mother who has sacrificed her son”.

“Running for president is not an entitlement to disrespect… a Gold Star mother, shame on him,” he said.

“He has no decency, he has a dark heart.”

Mrs. Khan said on Friday that she did not speak during her husband’s speech because she was still overcome with grief and could not look at her son’s photos without crying.”