The ̶ ̶F̶i̶v̶e̶ ̶ S̶i̶x̶ ̶ Seven Stages of the Donald Trump Experience for the Republican Establishment

Denial — The first reaction is denial. In this stage the establishment believes there is no way Trump will ever be anything but a “blurb” in the voting process. They see his candidacy as a joke and they view Trump as not being serious.

Anger — When the establishment recognizes that denial cannot continue they becomes frustrated. They think, “How can this happen to us?” “Why would anyone follow this guy?” “Who in our party is to blame for this happening and allowing this to go too far?”

Bargaining — The third stage involves the establishment hoping that they can negotiate with Trump and seek to compromise with him.

Depression — “I’m so sad, why bother with anything?” “What’s the point?” “At least maybe we can rescue the rest of the ‘ballot’ so we don’t lose the Congress.”

Acceptance — “Okay, Trump will be the nominee.” “Maybe he won’t be as bad as we thought.” “Maybe he’ll surround himself with people who know what they’re doing in the general election and, if and when he becomes president, he will set his arrogance aside and work with us.” “Nothing is impossible.”

Na – “Forget This Guy” “He is as bad as we thought”.  “Apparently he won’t surround himself with people who know they’re doing or, if he does, he won’t take heed to what they’re saying because of his narcissism and arrogance”.   “This guy’s impossible.”

Epiphany – “He was as bad as we thought he’d be”. “Except for a few generals, he didn’t surround himself with people who knew what they were doing and he apparently didn’t take heed to what the generals were saying to him because of his narcissism and arrogance”. “Yeah, we fucked up”.