Values Clarification and the Trump Supporters

There now seems to be a mantra building for Trump supporters and that’s “So, would you rather of had Hillary (HRC)?” They’re slowly coming to the conclusion that he’s not a good “role model” and that sure, he probably has done some things on the shady side and is probably a president who is a bit incompetent but, hec, at least HRC isn’t in office and we have Neil Gorsuch.

In my high school Sociology class I was introduced to the teaching concept of “values clarification” although they didn’t use that term. Later on, in my college days and afterwards, I read a lot about the concept and how it had “crept into” the public schools. What it does is provide the person (student) an idea of what they value the most to what they value the least. A good example is the 15 people in the lifeboat story where you have to pick which 9 people will be kept in the lifeboat (along with yourself) since the boat can only hold 10 people.

That’s just one example. There are many other types of exercises.

It is evident that there is an ever growing number of Trump supporters who are now literally “advertising” their set of values. What is coming across is that, to them, the “rule of law” is not a value that they cherish at the highest level and that, to them, “the ends justifies the means” and they have a set of ethics that is governed by situations. Yes, as long as HRC is not in office then Trump’s dangerous incompetence, shady dealings, possible obstruction of justice, etc… is all worth it.

You still however do have the majority of Trump supporters who seem to “have their heads in the sand” and say they believe that nothing has ever been shown that Trump has ever really done anything wrong or that he’s even incompetent. To them it’s just the media and that special someone who they believe is “burrowed” in the intelligence community who is out to hurt President Trump. These people are those who don’t want to admit, even to themselves, their “lack of consistency” in their values. I put “lack of consistency” in quotes because they do have a set of values. They just don’t want to admit what that set really is.