Why Kasich may very well be Trump’s Choice for VP

Trump says he wants an “insider” to be his VP. Make no mistake about it, John Kasich (Governor – Ohio) is at the top of his list (or will be). He’ll use Kasich as his “right hand man” in terms of Kasich being the go between with congress. This would be a very active VP Trump has in mind for this VP. He needs someone to do the “heavy lifting”. The only question would be, “does Kasich want to lower himself by running with Trump?”. Also, look for Trump to fill his cabinet with “insiders” and his followers getting ticked off saying, “I thought that this is what we were voting against”. True, it is what they were voting against. Then again, Trump would need people who know where the “keys to the washrooms are”.

Gerald R. Vimont


update Aug 7 2016




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