“The Cult of Personalities”

Unfortunately we have a large portion of the populist that tend to support candidates based on the “cult of personalities” rather than substance. In 2008 the Democrats had their “personality” in the form of Barack Obama.  Today, the Republicans seem to have theirs in Donald Trump.

In his book, The Audacity of Hope”, published in 2006, President Obama wrote, “I serve as a blank screen on which people of vastly different political stripes project their own views”.  During the 2008 election season Obama was a living, breathing  “Rorschach Ink Blot Test”.  Supporters of Obama saw in him what they wanted to see in him.

Donald Trump is today’s living, breathing “Rorschach Ink Blot Test”.  Without going into much substance, Trump is pretty much repeating the line that he will bring in the best minds and the best people to work out the problems without going into much detail about his ideology.  This is very reminiscent of Ross Perot.

Those Republicans who are now supporting Donald Trump but who were shaking their heads in disbelief in 2008 at how far Barack Obama could go in the political world based on nothing but rhetoric and vagueness, are now experiencing the same thing that a lot of Democratic supporters of Obama experienced in 2008 – being part of a cult of a personality.


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