My experience with a “Mock Trial”

Okay, this is the case (USA vs. Vascular Solutions Inc.) that I was a “juror” for in a “mock trial”. Because of confidentiality I can’t go into the specifics of the case that we learned. However, because of the technicalities involved and the huge learning curve that a juror must obtain before being better equipped to render a verdict, I was surprised that the sides wanted to have of a mock jury trial.

Each side took roughly 45 minutes each putting forth their case and then the prosecution did, maybe, a 15 minute rebuttal. We had group of 22 people. We split up into 2 groups. In my group it was very evident that at least half of them were totally overwhelmed with the case. It came down to about 4 of us arguing back and forth. I won’t tell you what side I was on but yeah, I was one of the 4.


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